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Medusa Brewing Company

The only Medusa that won't turn you to stone when you look it in the eye.

Medusa Brewing Company, Hudson, MA
A solid night out in Hudson

Growlers on Main! Medusa Brewing in Hudson, MA is a great taproom to visit on any given Sunday, especially after hitting the Horseshoe Pub. Downtown Hudson was fun before Medusa Brewing came along. Now, with the Medusa Brewery, it's way way better. Hudson may not possess the bevy of breweries that Framingham has, but one is good enough for this fun little downtown.

Where is Medusa Brewing located?

In downtown Hudson, MA, about 10 minutes off route 495. Downtown Hudson has got a few good spots for food and drink, from irish pub, to martini bar, to craft beer brewery. One could definitely pub crawl down Main St., stopping at Less Than Greater Than, Rail Trail Flatbread Co., Amaia Martini, Finnegan's, the Horseshoe Pub, and of course the Medusa Brewing Company.

When did it open?

In 2015. Medusa Brewing is now a staple of downtown Hudson. Even more, they are open every day of the week, unlike a fair share of small craft breweries in Massachusetts.

Medusa hours are as follows, 3pm to 10:30 on weekdays, and noon to close (11ish) on weekends. I wish it had sweet speakeasy hours like 3am to 5am, but that's out of my hands.

Artwork at the brewery
The taproom is a flexible space

Is the brewpub kid friendly?

Yes, until 6pm. It didn't feel like they were psyched by the arrival of children. So, do your own research.

A menu of beers to order at the Medusa Brewing Company
Wittershins is what you want.

What types of beer does Medusa Brewing brew?

Grabbed a Luminary (cream ale) and Wittershins (witbier) when I visited the taproom.

Medusa brews IPAs, Imperial IPAs, Stouts, Tripels, Porters, Pale Ales, Saisons, Bocks, Blondes, and Dubbels. We appreciate that Medusa Brewing isn't limited to brewing one style of ale or lager. We've never been a fan of showing up to a microbrewery that has 3 IPAs, a New England IPA, 2 DIPAs, and one RYE PA, plus a pilsner. Just not our thing. Though, the Hidden City and LightRunner were pretty solid.

The Luminary Cream Ale
A tasty cream ale

Does they serve other types of alcohol in the tap room?

No. Only beer produced on site is allowed. Additionally, you cannot consume growlers purchased at Medusa in the tap room.

Flights? Growlers? 4/6 packs to buy and take home?

We grabbed a 4 pack of cans on our way out.

How about merch?

Is this really a question? Go buy a laser cat shirt. I'd imagine they are sold out, but you could get lucky.

Do they make laser kitten shirts?

Does the brewery serve food?

No. But they encourage people to acquire food from local vendors. Maybe opt for some buffalo wings from Fresh Wing around the corner.

Do they offer entertainment?

The have a side room with a dart board. Musicians play from time to time.

You can reserve space in the brewery for special events. Maybe you could host your own paint night or art show?

Can I buy Medusa beers in stores?

I don't think you can buy their beer in stores. But, you can get it in bars on draft around Boston and Worcester. Places you can get their beer include:

  • Armsby Abbey in Worcester (great spot)
  • LuLu's in Allston (worth a visit)
  • Rail Trail Flatbread Co. (right next door)
Hudson Mass, Medusa Brewing
Place is mildly packed

Final thoughts on Medusa Brewing

Great place to go. It's got something for everyone, and, it's in a super convenient location for a night out. I'd get dinner at the Horseshoe Pub and then head on over to the taproom.

The taproom at Hudson MA Brewery Medusa Brewing Company
A Saturday night in downtown Hudson