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Samuel Adams Brewery / Boston Beer Company

It feels like everyone knows the story of Jim Koch bringing Sam Adams Boston Lager to market and helping change the craft beer game, bottle by bottle.

30 Germania St, Boston, MA 02130
(617) 368-5000

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Samuel Adams Brewery / Boston Beer Company in Boston, MA
A beer culled from your standard Sam Adams mix-pack

They attend the annual Cape Cod Brew Fest at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds. They also enjoy releasing craft beer variety packs.

Beers of Summer Variety Pack from Sam Adams (Boston Beer Company)
Not a bad summer lineup

The brewery also hilariously spoof-brewed a helium beer. Speaking of spoofs, Saturday Night Live created a fun, parodical take on Jack-O Pumpkin Beer. Check out Bill Burr's SNL Sam Adams skit.

Released in 2022 on March 12th (for TB12) is Sam Adams's beer tribute to Tom Brady with their Greatest of Ale Time double IPA.