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The Greatest of Ale Time is Sam Adams's Tribute Beer to Tom Brady

A Double IPA whose flavor tastes best in the 4th Quarter of a Super Bowl.

The logo for the Greatest of Ale Time beer from Sam Adams Brewery (Boston Beer Company)
TB12 is now an actual goat | Photo Credit to Sam Adams Brewery

Ahh Sam Adams, you had to go and pay your own ultimate tribute to the greatest quarterback that the NFL has ever seen. It's ok, you're from Boston, so we get it. If it is cool with you, Sam, we'd also like to see a beer in tribute to Bobby Orr, Larry Legend and Ted Williams, though we aren't sure that the latter's "Splendid Splinter Ale" would really thrill customers.

Anyway, back to Brady beer. Other breweries have crafted tributes to TB12, but Sam's profile and status in the craft beer game makes them the largest to do so (we think). Unlike Smug Brewing's "Traitorade", where they call out Brady's departure to Tampa as the mega let down that it was, the Boston Beer Company dives headlong into extolling Touchdown Tommy for all of the things that make him him.

For instance, the beer itself spells out to the acronym of G.O.A.T., which Brady is commonly referred to as. The 7% ABV is a tribute to the championship rings that he has won. Even the cases of beer produced equates to 199, his draft pick number from the NFL's Class of 2000 Draft.

Let's be honest though, we're fairly confident, like Brady in a playoff game, that they produced more than 199 cases, that's just all that is being sold to the public. They are even releasing the beer on March 28th, which, when written differently, is an inside joke trolling the Atlanta Falcons for squandering a 28-3 lead in Super Bowl LI five years ago.

The beer even goes on sale at 12pm on the 12th of March for TB12.

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What is the Greatest of Ale Time beer?

The Greatest of Ale Time is a Double IPA brewed by Sam Adams. According to the brewery, the Greatest of Ale Time is a, "NE Double IPA fermented with kveik, an heirloom farmhouse yeast that highlights a variety of flavors and aromas like peach and pineapple."

We'd like to propose that it be a Sextuple NE IPA in honor of the 6 Super Bowl victories TB12 delivered to New England.

Where can I buy Greatest of Ale Time?

You can buy the Greatest of Ale Time by visiting the website,, at Noon on March 12th, 2022. Note, this is to pre-order the beer. Yes, they will be shipping beer to you if you buy.

The beer will be available for purchase online at and in the Sam Adams brewery and taprooms starting on March 28th. If you're heading into the taproom, be sure to take a brewery tour.

The price of a 4 pack of the Greatest of Ale Time is $19.99. Speaking of 1999, that was the last time the NFL wasn't subjected to a season with Brady behind center. Though given his recent retirement announcement, the 2022 season could restart that process.

What is the alcohol content of the Greatest of Ale Time?

The Greatest of Ale Time has an alcohol content of 7%. As a full-bodied DIPA, it is anything but a low calorie brew.

Is this beer real?

Yes, it's real. It's not like helium beer, which is definitely not real, which Sam Adams tried to fool everyone with.

It's also not a fake Sam Adams SNL skit like the one Boston comedian Bill Burr pulled off a year ago.

Wrapping Up

So, go get yourself some GOAT beer and enjoy it. One thing you know it won't be brewed with is Strawberries, because Brady doesn't eat them. Plus, didn't Strawberry Beer go out with Pete's Wicked Ale in the 90s or something?!