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Pete's Wicked Ale

If you're over 40, Pete's Wicked Ale was a major part of your introduction to craft beer.

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Pete's Wicked Ale, Strawberry Blonde, Wanderlust Cream Ale
Pete's Brewing Company Beers | Photo Credit to Untappd

For those born during the first half of the 1980s or prior, Pete's Wicked Ale, along with Sam Adams, was how you came to experience "craft brewing" for the very first time. There were no smoothie sours, no hazy IPAs, and most importantly, no craft beer revolution at this time. As to the latter, you could argue that Pete's Wicked Ale was the revolution, or at least, shared as co-pilot of the revolution.

Who founded and owned Pete's Brewing Company?

Pete Slosberg founded Pete's Brewing Company in 1986. At some point in the late 90s, Pete sold out to Gambrinus. They also own Shiner and Trumer.

What beers did Pete's Brewing Company brew?

Pete's Wicked Ale was a English-Style Brown Ale.

Where was Pete's Wicked Ale popular?


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