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Chuck Norris Shot

You don't drink a Chuck Norris shot, a Chuck Norris shot drinks you!

Chuck Norris Shot
Chuck Norris Shot

postmainimage: /img/chuck-norris-hollywood-star.jpg postmainimagealt: Chuck Norris's Hollywood star postmainimagefigcaption: Chuck could probably melt rock down with his eyes and drink it

A roundhouse kick to your mouth, the combination of spicy, yet sweet ingredients will make your mouthpiece pop. Have too many of these and you'll have to call in the Delta Force to come save you, as they are notoriously boozy.

Have far too many and you'll fantasize about Chuck Norris being your martial arts teacher like Jonathan Brandis.

Why These Ingredients?

Let's answer the question of, "What goes into a shot?" for you. You know, other than a fist.

Carlos Ray Norris was efficient and powerful. So for a drink named in tribute, it should be light on ingredients and heavy on the impact. Think of it as fuel; an American fighter jet in a shot glass.

Now normally the joke would go, "How many Chuck Norris shots does it take to get drunk?" and the answer would be one. But, this is the real world and heavy drinking has consequences. So if you're curious, check out our Shots To Get Drunk guide.

And please remember, everyone's tolerance is different. Always drink responsibly.

Drinking It

Drink your Shot before it drinks you!

Listen, we're just having some fun. Your enemy's blood is a joke. Same with using a combat field knife or your fist to layer in the 151. Unless you believe what they say about Chuck Norris is true.

Jokes aside, you could very well use a cafeteria spork in place of a Bartender's spoon. Chuck would have it no other way in the field.


How many calories in a Shot?

There are 160 calories in one serving of a Chuck Norris Shot.

We know this because there are 122 calories in 1oz of 151 Proof Rum (specifically Bacardi), 38 calories in 0.5oz of Grenadine syrup, and effectively 0 calories in a few drops of hot sauce. Math is how we get to a calorie number of 160.

But Math alone won't save you when the Theater gets hot and you need to radio in your coordinates to an Uber driver for extraction.

Get to the Choppa!

Why do they call it a Shot?

We're not really sure. Has Chuck ever been shot? 151 probably has the same effect as water with Norris.

Speaking of effects, we're convinced that regular consumption keeps Chuck's beard moisturized. Might even be why at 82, he has yet to go gray.

What do I wear when drinking a Shot?

You have some options, so that's a good start. Here's what we recommend.

  • Army Fatigues
  • Karate Gi
  • Sleeveless Denim Jacket with matching Jeans. Massive belt buckle optional.

Chuck Norris Drinking Jokes

Lots of jokes have been made about Chuck Norris, even some about him drinking. Definitely about him drinking a mug full of Coronavirus. Anyway, here are a couple.

  • Chuck Norris drinks napalm to fight his heartburn.
  • Chuck Norris can drink a whole glass of beer. Yep, even the glass.

There's even a joke website about Chuck's fake water brand named CForce that ... wait, that's real?!

Chuck Norris with a bottle of his CForce drinking water
Chug it, Chuck!

"Pure. Powerful. Perfect.® There’s no other way to describe water that erupts from the ground with such clarity and smoothness. From a sustainable source deep underneath Chuck Norris’ Lone Wolf Ranch, we add nothing and take nothing away. It is 23,000 year-old Ice Age water."

... is a kind way of saying his sweat.

A true Chuck Norris Shot should really just be a mixture of 0.75oz CForce water and 0.75oz grain alcohol. Quaffing that shot might just be the initiation protocol for joining the Texas Rangers.

What's not in our Chuck Norris Shot recipe that's in other recipes?

We believe that the Chuck Norris Shot should be like a double barrel shotgun. Save your Red Bull for the Energy Drink DudeBros in the Banana-colored Jeep that daddy bought.

Alternative Shot Ingredients

  • Absinthe
  • Cherry McGillicudy
  • Jägermeister
  • Liquid Ice Energy Drink
  • Red Bull
  • Sambuca
  • UV Vodka

You won't find the ingredients above in our recipe, no. No reverse Jager Bombs. No Incredible Hulk knockoffs.

Just four simple ingredients: 151 Rum, Grenadine, Hot Sauce, and Vengeance.


  1. Bar Spoon
  2. Shot Glass


Ingredient Amount
151 Rum 1oz
Grenadine 0.5oz
Hot Sauce 3-5 drops

Substitute Ingredients & Variations


  1. Step One:

    Gather Ingredients

  2. A shot glass with 0.5oz of Grenadine syrup poured into it

    Add Grenadine

    Pour 0.5oz of Grenadine Syrup into your toughest shot glass.

  3. Pouring 1oz of 151 Rum into the shot glass and layering over grenadine

    Add 151 Rum

    Pour 1.0oz of 151 Rum (your favorite brand) into the shot glass, using a bar spoon, cafeteria spork, combat field knife, or your fist to get the proper layering of ingredients.

  4. Adding 3-5 drops of hot sauce to a shot glass filled with grenadine and 151 rum

    Add Hot Sauce

    Add the 3-5 drops of Tabasco, Frank's Red Hot, or your enemy's blood to the mixture.

  5. Step Five: Serve the Chuch Norris Shot

    Serve the Shot

    You're finished making the shot. Enjoy.


What type of glass do you pour a Chuck Norris shot into?

A Standard Shot Glass. For fun, you could make a bigger version and serve it in a rocks glass. We really don't advocate going beyond and leveling up to a pint glass. Trying to make Chuck proud only works on a Dodgeball court.

What is the prep time for a shot like this?

The shot itself takes about 1-2 minutes to prepare as you mix the 151 and Grenadine in the cup. Preparing to consume this shot ... that takes a lifetime.

What tools do you need to serve the drink?

A good bar spoon will go a long way toward properly mixing of the drink. Ingenuity is a good second.