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Wormtown Brewery

Their motto, a "Piece of Mass in Every Glass", is on point. This Shrewsbury St Worcester brewery has been serving Worcester for a decade now, even if it has moved since its original location, an Ice Cream Shop on Park Ave.

72 Shrewsbury St, Worcester, MA 01604
(774) 239-1555

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Wormtown Brewery in Worcester, MA
I can be hoppy drinking beers on a patio ...

72 Shrewsbury Street contains the Wormtown Brewery taproom, a daily bottle rocket party mixed with citrus and sunshine. If you are cruising through the Wu and got nothing going on, stop by. While the taproom itself is decent, the enclosed patio is where it's at. To help combat New England weather and allow people to drink outside, Wormtown created a heated patio just off their entrance.

They attend the annual Cape Cod Brew Fest at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds.

Where is Wormtown located?

In Worcester on Shrewsbury Street. What a great place in the city to be located. Being located right of 290 makes the Wormtown Brewery an easy place to visit. Plenty of parking, conveniently located downtown, near a ton of restaurants, I mean, why wait 2 hours in line at Tree house when you could have beer immediately before grabbing some croquetas at nearby Bocado!?

If you are starting a brewery tour of Worcester from the Wormtown Brewery, you could head north to the Greater Good, or, southwest toward Flying Dreams and the 3cross Coop.

Wormtown also runs a satellite operation down in Foxborough at Patriot Place. Their Patriot Place location, Wormtown (PP), took over the spot previously held by Battle Road Brewery.


When did it open?

Wormtown started in an ice cream stand in 2010. A couple of people had a dream and saw it through to reality. They started winning medals at beer festivals and refining their "3 decker attitude".

Eventually, they graduated to the larger Shrewsbury Street location. Area restaurants like the Horseshoe Pub in Hudson (near Medusa Brewing and Ground Effect) and Prezo's in Milford (near Craft Roots Brewing) helped secure their future by serving their beer on-site.

Do they offer a tour?

FREE tours on the weekend: Saturday & Sunday at 12:30pm, 1:30pm & 2:30pm.

Is the Wormtown Brewery kid friendly?

Maybe? Doubt it. I'm not really sure. Without food, it seems like a 21+ establishment.

Wormtown Brewing taproom beer menu
Which craft beer to choose?

What types of beer does brew?

Wormtown brews world-class beers using only the freshest ingredients. Freshest ingredients equals freshest beer. As for beer types, they include wheat beers, pumpkin ales, IPAs, stouts, pils, porters, red ales, brown ales, and more. They also offer growler fills and beer flights.

In general you can get anything you like, whether that's a shandy or a Blueberry Lemon Pale Ale.

How about merch?

Plenty of merch. All the usual: hats, shirts, etc.

Wormtown taproom
Is this where I sign up for the tour?

Does Wormtown serve food?

Pretzels. Otherwise, bring your own food in. We noticed people brought pizza, chips 'n salsa, and other snacky snacks. In fact, people we saw from the Greater Good had traveled there as well. Brewery hopping is a (new) national pastime.

To be perfectly honest, maybe they have more to offer than pretzels. We just usually stop looking for anything else when we are offered pretzels.

Do they offer entertainment?

I don't think so. Unless you count horn honks on Shrewsbury Street.

Can I buy their beers in stores?

Yes. Load up on all of the Be Hoppy you want to drink. Wormtown Brewing distributes around New England, including Connecticut and Vermont.

Wormtown Brewing Cream Ale
Light beers are good for patio drinking

Final Thoughts on Wormtown Brewing

The outdoor enclosed patio is/was the main attraction. It was our first time and we fell for the fun yellow chairs. That's the Wormtown vibe, chill. Space heaters for the enclosed space. It opens up in better weather, so half the year, considering it's the northeast.

The self-guided Worcester brew tour was fun, having come from the Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company. If it weren't for COVID-19 hitting the United States, we would have returned to the Patio by now.

Next up on the self-guided brewery tour list is Portland, ME. Reviews to follow.