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Vitamin Sea Brewing

Clever play on words, Vitamin Sea. Clever. Get there early, huge line forms at noon on Saturdays

Vitamin Sea Brewing in Weymouth, MA
Shipping beers out the back door

Industrial garage vibe. String lights. Cafeteria tables. And, an outdoor beer garden. Only Abercrombie and Fitch in the 90s had a more defined, and adhered to, style in the mid to late 1990s. Vitamin Sea pulls it off though. Plus, they have an absolutely dynamite brewing logo.

Also, is it the Town of Weymouth? Or, is it a city? Asking for a friend.

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A draft pour of Vitamin Sea Brewing's beer
Tasty! | Photo Credit to Vitamin Sea Brewing

A fresh glass of beer is always a welcomed sight.

Vitamin Sea Brewing Beer

NEIPAs, cream ales, porters, stouts, and a variety of others. They brew a fruited sour series, and, their Sour Pipe Project Blueberry beer is to die for.

Vitamin Sea Brewing's Craft Beer Menu
The Blueberry Pancake sold out an hour later