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Breathing - Conversations

This Double IPA is actually a recipe from New York's Finback Brewery. It's an awesome recipe. If it wasn't 8% abv, we could drink these all day.

Breathing - Conversations, a Double IPA brewed by Vitamin Sea Brewing
Read the message.

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Breathing - Conversations
Brewery Vitamin Sea Brewing
Type of Beer Double IPA
ABV 8%

As for the Breathing:Conversations can artwork, it's quite serious. The text implores you, craft beer drinker, to take a moment and reflect upon your life and how you can work to build a better tomorrow by striving for racial equality.

Vitamin Sea Brewing Beer Description

We hope that when you sit down to enjoy this beer, you sit and enjoy it with a person of color or of indigenous descent and it helps to start dialogue to listen and understand what so many of us continue to face in 2020. Let this be the collaborative forum in which we can share ideas and perspectives in the hopes that we can effect change regarding racial and social injustice. Will you give us the opportunity to use our platform to bring people together?

A global conversation about race, injustice and equality, to be the change we seek.

hosted by FINBACK

take part in the conversation #beathingconversations

Hops & Malts used in the Breathing - Conversations brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Breathing - Conversations

The beer was great. Vitamin Sea's version of Finback's recipe is a hit. Would be awesome to actually enjoy at the Moore Road brewery, but COVID is the gift that never stops giving.