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Amherst Brewing Company / Hangar Pub and Grill

Wait wait wait, the Masstucky Brown made the trip from the 24 North Pleasant Street location? Fantastic!

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Amherst Brewing Company / Hangar Pub and Grill in Amherst, MA
ABC's Jess, an India Pale Ale.

ABC has had a 2+ decade run in college town Amherst, MA. After combining with the Hangar (birthplace of Wings Over), it remains a go-to spot in town. In some ways, the Universty Dr pub is the ultimate sports bar. Quite the competition for Rafters across the street.

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Amherst Brewing Then

Absolutely nothing was better than cleaning up on the free beers when this place added the ping pong table upstairs in early to late (?) 2002. You know, back when it was downtown. Back when you could hear the battle cry of HOT CHEESE UP FRONT!

I guess the High Horse took over since. It was a brewpub, now it's not, or something like that?

Anyway, things change, but it's still sad. The old ABC was where it was at. Free ping pong beer is the best. When you have the weapons, their beer becomes your beer!

Amherst Brewing Now

It joined forces with mega campus wing joint The Hangar Pub & Grill. This is pretty much all anyone wanted back in the late 90s/early 00s. Fresh brewed beer and a few pounds of buffalo wings.

Having sampled these boneless wings of destiny, we can honestly say that the bonesless honey bbq are the best of the bunch. Whether you're ordering a DC-10 or a Concorde all for yourself, you can't really go wrong. Combine those with a side of waffle fries and you got yourself an A+ meal for sports-watching.

Wings Over Amherst

Puddle Jumpers, Zeppelins, Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches, Wings Over knocks it out of the park. One of the most genius takeout joints a college town ever saw.

Want nachos? They have them. Turkey club wrap? That too. Caesar Salad? Sure, but add in some beer battered onion rings. Bone-in wings with dry rubs and bleu cheese and ranch on the side. All good at The Hangar in Amherst.


ABC brews a experimental hop series called the Jane Doe.