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Fort Hill Brewery

Jigsaw Jazz and the get-fresh (beer) flow!

30 Fort Hill Rd, Easthampton, MA 01027
(413) 203-5754

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Fort Hill Brewery in Easthampton, MA

For over a decade and a half, Easthampton's Fort Hill Brewery has been producing some of the finest ales in Western, Mass. Fort Hill is a located a little further out of town than Abandoned Building and New City, closer to the Connecticut River and I-91.

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Fort Hill Brewery Beer

Arguably the best ABV for your dollar in the Bay State, perhaps New England. You can grab a sixer of Jigsaw Jazz, Fort Hill's dope Double IPA for under ten dollars. At 9.3% AND a six pack, that's 72oz of delicious, high-test craft beer for you to enjoy. With a bottle of wine equaling approximately ~2 beers, you could consider the Jigsaw Jazz to be about 2.5 bottles of wine for $10. That's Bota Box wine pricing for an amazing brew.

Can't say enough about the Jigsaw Jazz.