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Brewery: Amherst Brewing Company


Jess is a flight crew member of the Jane Doe experimental hoppy series that ABC brews. The IPAs are named to go along with their WWII-inspired pinups.

Type of Beer: IPA

ABV: 7.3%

Jess, an IPA brewed by Amherst Brewing Company

At 7.3%, Jess is a bit more feisty than her IPA sister, Katie.

Amherst Brewing Company Beer Description (on can)

If the past two decades have taught us anything, it's that enthusiasm and experimentation lead to bold new flavors and satisfied customers. We offer a wide variety of year-round and seasonal styles plus specialty selections, including our experimental Jane Doe IPA series. We're constantly evolving our beers using the feedback and creativity of our Hangar customers. Come visit us at the Hangar and meet our brewers to join the conversation.

Hops & Malts used in the Jess brewing recipe

Brewed with flaked oats and hopped with mosaic, simcoe and citra.

Final thoughts on Jess