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Riverwalk Brewing Company

A fine place for a pint or two just outside of Downtown Newburyport, Riverwalk Brewing Company is nearing a decade of existence.

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Riverwalk Brewing Company in Newburyport, MA
What's behind this door?

Opening in 2012 in Newburyport, Riverwalk Brewing Company creates craft beer from simple recipes using raw materials that stay authentic, while allowing for little adjustments. They take a rigorous approach to measurement and self-analysis to make sure their their beer is consistent, fresh, and of quality.

Take some RBC beer over to Plum Island, why don't ya?

Riverwalk Brewing Company's canning production
A lot of beer cans is the answer!

Riverwalk Brewing Company's microbrewery is expansive. With room to stretch out, they make you enter through the production part of the brewery, before getting to the taproom out back. It's a whole other world out back though, with plenty of tables and a strong communal setup.

Riverwalk Brewing Company's canning production
This way to the taproom!

Riverwalk Brewing Company Beer

Riverwalk brews in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Dry hopped sours, czech-style pilsners, dark lagers, double IPAs, and more. Here are some:

  • Black Ox
  • Dougle Dragon DBL IPA
  • Fandango
  • Golden Axe
  • Lagercoastal
  • Rustic Pils
  • The Saga Continues
  • Tricoastal
Riverwalk Brewing's menu of craft beers
Double Dragon! Good beer, better video game.

Beer flight

  • Golden Axe
  • Double Dragon
  • Black Ox
  • Range Light
Double Dragon! Good beer, better video game.

The owner of RBC must love old arcade games, considering the beer names. Also of note, Riverwalk brews Medford Brewing Company's Phantom NEIPA. And, Rockport Brewing Company contract brews there as well.

Brewery Food/Menu

Newburyport, MA has a ton of restaurants. Riverwalk isn't one of them. Not even a brewpub. More of an extended taproom serving sandwiches, hummus plates, and charcuterie boards.

Brewery Entertainment & Events

Live music on Thursdays. Large Jenga blocks. Enough room for wiffleball outdoors. Old school video games.

The Riverwalk Taproom
Join the mug club, if you can.