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The Saga Continues

Special News Bulletin - we've just received a report that your liver is under attack by swarms of killer beers.

The Saga Continues, a DIPA brewed by Riverwalk Brewing Company

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The Saga Continues
Brewery Riverwalk Brewing Company
Type of Beer DIPA
ABV 8%

Light in color, with tones of melon, Riverwalk's (seasonal? rotational?) The Saga Continues is more complex than a typical IPA, if even a bit artistic. The beer can artistry sure is more artistic, as the artwork and the name are an homage to seminal rap group, Wu-Tang Clan. Just check out the golden (arms) grafitti and killer bees.

Decent beer. Would buy/drink again just for that. As for the name of the beer, we are completely sold ... about 50 gold, 60 platinum.

Riverwalk Brewing Company Beer Description (on can)

For us brewing is not a destination. It is a journey with beginnings and endings, with prequels and sequels, theme and variation mixing and blending to create the continuing saga that moves with us through life. This beer represents the latest episode in our journey, with new twists and turns, as well as familiar notes. Find your role in the saga and enjoy.

Hops & Malts used in the The Saga Continues brewing recipe

Final thoughts on The Saga Continues

Wu-Tang. Wu-Tang.