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Ekuanot Hops

One of the more terrifying hop names out there, like an exotic version of an evil 80s cartoon bad guy.

They, Ekuanot hops, are a relatively new variety of hop that has been bred to give more flavor and aroma than traditional varieties, making them perfect for IPAs. They have an earthy taste with hints of citrus fruit and pine needles, which can be used in both pale ales and IPAs.

High in alpha acids, Ekuanot contains notes of apple, berry, and melon.

Ekuanot Origin & History

Ekuanot seems to be a hop varietal of the HBC (Hop Breeding Company), referred to as HBC 366.

Ekuanot Aroma

Citrusy aromas that include lime and lemon are part of the Ekuanot offering. While we are at it, some berry, some apple, and even some papaya show through with Ekuanot. It's quite versatile it seems.

Beer Styles

Commercial / Craft Beer Examples

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