Brewpub in Bristol, NH

Shackett's Brewing Company

26 Central Square, Bristol, NH 03222

(603) 217-0074
Shacketts Brewing Company Taproom in Central Square, Bristol, NH
An ideal setup for the taproom and brewing area

At the site of the old Cornucopia Deli, nestled quietly under Central Square in Bristol, NH is Shacketts Brewing Company, established in 2014. With good beer, a great space, and excellent prices, Shacketts does the Lakes Region proud. The place is overloaded with ambiance, with mill building brick, plenty of light from the windows in the back, and large sacks of grain laying around. It even has a dog roaming around.

Shackett's Brewing Company FAQs

Does Shackett's Brewing Company serve food? Yes. Build your own sandwich, get some parmesan potato wedges, or enjoy some thick cut bacon with aioli.

Is Shackett's Brewing Company kid friendly? Kids are allowed

Is Shackett's Brewing Company dog friendly? Dogs are allowed

Brewery details

Kid and pet friendly, this brewpub is for you if you are a parent. Really, the taproom at Shacketts is exactly what I would build if I had the inclination (and the capital) to be a brewer:

  • Good dining set up.
  • Plenty of bar space.
  • Guitar on the wall.
  • Games to play.
  • Custom-made sandwiches and bacon to eat.
  • The sounds of a river rushing by.

Breweries near Shackett's Brewing Company in Bristol, NH

Shackett's Brewery shares the town of Bristol with Woodman's Brewery. What's more, it's approximately a 20 minute drive to eight other microbreweries and taprooms, including Ashland's White Mountain Brewing, Franklin's Vulgar Brewing, and Tilton's Kettlehead Brewing.

Do they offer a tour?

I don’t think so. All of the barrels are laid out in front you to the side of the bar. So, if there was an official tour, it would be pretty short.

What types of beer does Shacketts Brewing Company brew?

A variety of types. Got the Hornet Cove Wheat, the Box of Rain IPA, the Pasquaney Bay IPA, and the Bristol Blonde for my flight.

Next time I will have to try the Newfound Nutbrown, the Triple Double IPA, the West Shore Stout, and Ralphs’ Roggenbier.

Shacketts Brewing Company Beer Flight
Left to Right: Hornet Cove Wheat, Pasquaney Bay IPA, Box of Rain IPA, Bristol Blonde

Do they have a flagship beer or craft brewing specialty?

Not sure. They did have three IPAs on tap when I went.

Flights? Growlers? 4/6 packs to buy and take home?

Flights and growlers are a yes. You can buy 22oz bombers and 32 and 64oz growlers.

Does Shacketts Brewing Company offer food?

Yes. Had just come from lunch at Walter’s Basin so I didn’t order any food. But, you can build your own sandwich. Better yet, they have parmesan potato wedges.

Gonna have to get the thick cut bacon with aioli next time for sure.

Shacketts Brewing Company Menu
Gotta go back to try the Parmesan Potato Wedges

Brewery Entertainment & Events?

Darts, a wooden Connect Four set, sand shuffleboard, Cribbage, a deck of cards, and checkers/chess.

Not to mention the guitar on the wall that may or may not be available to the public.

Where can I buy Shacketts beer in stores?

I would assume in Shacketts market, amongst other area stores in the Lakes Region.

Interesting notes or nice touches?

The Newfound River running behind the brewery was a wonderful addition to the atmosphere of the joint. Who doesn’t like the sound of a river?

Shacketts is the only taproom/microbrewery that I can remember being dog friendly in the Lakes Region. A huge plus for lovers of puppers and craft beer. On the other hand, parents beware, the taproom didn’t have a baby changing station in the bathroom.

Final thoughts on Shacketts Brewing Company

Definitely going back at some point. The taproom itself has everything.

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