Brewpub in Tilton, NH

Kettlehead Brewing Company

407 West Main Street, Tilton, NH 03276
(603) 286-8100
Kettlehead Brewing Company in Tilton, NH
The taps/bar at Kettlehead

Our most frequented Lakes Region brewery, Kettlehead Brewing Company does a bunch of things right. Solid beers, great atmosphere, and just about the best pretzels/mustard combo I have ever had. Really.

Kettlehead Brewing Company FAQs

Does Kettlehead Brewing Company serve food? Yes

Is Kettlehead Brewing Company kid friendly? Kids are allowed

Is Kettlehead Brewing Company dog friendly? We don't believe so

Where is Kettlehead Brewing located?

Tilton, NH. It’s proximity to I-93 makes stopping there a breeze. And speaking of bests (see: pretzel), Kettlehead Brewing Company is the best going for Tilton since the Tilton 500. Admit it, you miss it too!

Like Loon Mountain as a ski resort, Kettlehead might be the most accessible of all of the New Hampshire breweries due to it's location just off I-93.

Breweries near Kettlehead in Tilton, NH

Kettlehead, which opened in 2017, is a short drive to Franklin's Vulgar Brewing Company and Big Water Brewery in Salisbury. It's not too far away from Shackett's and Woodman's Brewery in Bristol, and Canterbury Aleworks in Canterbury.

Who owns the brewpub?

Dudes with beards? I really don’t know, haven’t met them. But dudes with beards are ALL over the photography.

How many barrels do they brew?

Seven. They are a larger operation than Burnt Timber in Wolfeboro and definitely larger than Squam Brewing in Holderness.

How is the brewpub?

It fits plenty of people. We showed up right at noon on a Saturday in January (2018) and BARELY got a seat. Place is plenty popular. The least busy I have ever seen it out of my four trips so far is on the way to 80s Day at Loon, back in April.

They don’t seem to offer a tour, but you can see barrels upon barrels from most seats in the pub.

And the tavern is certainly kid friendly, but as the trend holds, not a lot of baby changing stations in the bathrooms. Parents, take note.

Drinking a pint at the Kettlehead Brewing Company, Tilton, NH
Fine craft beer in Tilton, NH

What types of beer does Kettlehead Brewing brew?

Everything under the sun. More sours, pilsners, and kolschs than I expected. Definitely more sours, for real. And of course, the typical array of IPAs. Not a ton of hefeweizens or tripels, but summer isn’t upon us yet.

I believe their flagship beer is The Agent, an American IPA. It’s a solid choice and well worth your time.

They might have a mug club, but it wasn’t obvious to me.

Flights? Growlers? 4/6 packs to buy and take home?

All around! Social! Drink!

Kettlehead offers flights by the four. This alone has allowed me to try pretty much every beer they offer. Equally so, they do 32oz can growlers which the can, label, and clean right in front of you. You can also walk out with a stack of craft beer packs. Kettlehead doesn’t mess around.

Other booze?

I didn’t notice any liquor, but they do serve Haunting Whisper wines (red and white) from Danbury, NH. You know, for those people who don’t like good beer.

Kettlehead Brewing Company beer flight
Pineapple Funk!

Brewery Merch & Swag?

T-shirts, hats, probably more. Never asked about a pint or flight glass because I bought a 32oz growler can. Oh well, have to go back. Again.

Does Kettlehead serve food?

You betcha. The chicken tacos are a great choice. The pizzas look good. The tortilla chips with the black bean salsa and gouda queso dip is delicious. But the pretzels ... oh man. The maple mustard aioli is something that people would have sent letters across the Atlantic for, convincing their family members to leave Hampshire and stake a plot of land in a place called "NEW Hampshire".

They too work with local farms to source as much of their ingredients as possible.

Kettlehead Brewing Company house tortilla chips
Mmm, queso dip

Do they offer entertainment?

I didn’t notice much. Maybe they sneak a band or an acoustic performer in. No clue.

Can I buy their beer in stores?

Again, no clue. I haven’t researched it that hard. I think that’s because it’s really not hard to get to their Brewery. It’s minutes off I-93.

Interesting notes or nice touches

Staff is super friendly. Specials are on a chalkboard. Beer is tasty. Nah, everything checks out.

Kettlehead Brewing Company tanks and barrels
Where they make the beer

If I did have one complaint, it would be a minor one. The chicken sandwich, ordered twice, was slightly undercooked. Not get you sick undercooked, just a, "eh, wish they kept this on the grill for another minute," kind of way.

Also, they have a comfy looking leather chair on the way in. Plus, they use barrels to prop up tables. Kind of fun.

You should visit Kettlehead Brewing, it’s a great addition to the Lakes Region craft brewing scene.

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