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Burnt Timber Brewing & Tavern

The second brewery to grace the oldest summer resort in America, Burnt Timber Brewing is a fantastic brewpub, serving great beer, mead, and fun comfort food.

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Burnt Timber Brewing & Tavern in Wolfeboro, NH
A perfect brewpub bar

Burnt Timber Brewing is everything you want a microbrewery/brewpub to be. It serves local food from local farms. Friendly staff (Dean-O was great). Games to play. Plus, it’s small, it’s cozy, and you could totally picture yourself bunkering down for five or more beers during a blizzard.

The Tavern is located just outside of downtown Wolfeboro, NH. It features a bar to saddle up to, and a few tables lining the walls. Eddie and Mara own the joint, opening it in 2016? 2017? Trying to figure it out ... based on what I saw, I’m not sure they brew on-site.

Update - they seem to have a farm, or at least so says Facebook.

Brewpub Hours

  • Monday 4pm to 9pm
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday - Friday 4pm to 9pm
  • Saturday/Sunday - 12pm to 9pm

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Being on the east side of Winnipesaukee makes Wolfeboro just a short distance from Maine, which, as a state, has a great craft beer scene.

Does Burnt Timber Brewing offer a tour?

The tavern is small (24 seats), and as I said above, it seems like Eddie and Mara brew on their farm. So I’m guessing there are no tours to be had. Not a mention on their website either.

Is the Burnt Timber brewpub kid friendly?

For sure. A couple brought in their toddler and no one had a problem with it. Didn’t notice a baby changing station in the bathroom though.

Burnt Timber Brewing dining area
A real great tavern setup

What types of beer does Burnt Timber Brewing brew?

A variety. New Hampshire breweries seem to have wide selections and Burnt Timber Brewing follows the trend. Blonde Ales (the Busty! Farmhouse Blonde), three IPAs (VantaBlack, Ridgeline, and Dank-A-Sawrus Rex), a stout, a saison, a red ale, and the Takes Two to Mango.

The Dank-A-Sawrus Rex might be considered their flagship, it’s gotten some Lakes Region press.

Burnt Timber Brewing flight with beer and mead
Two and a half beers and one and a half meads

Yes. Yes. Yes. Mead. The MargaMeada was quite interesting. The wine they served was mostly commercial, store-bought stuff.

Do they have a mug club?

Not that I could tell. Maybe my Burnt Timber baller status isn’t elevated enough. Guess I will have to go back!

Can you get flights or growlers?

Yes to both. We got flights. And, they offered other beers not currently on tap for growlers (Wit Mountains Wit).

Burnt Timber Brewing beer flight
Only beer in this flight

How about merch?

Bought a pint glass. Cause why not!?

Burnt Timber Brewing brisket tacos and house salad
Holy brisket tacos, Batman!

Does Burnt Timber Brewing serve food?

Locally sourced pubgrub - aka - the best kind. Ordered the nachos with pulled pork, the brisket tacos, and a house salad with some funky honey maple sriracha mustard dressing. Or something like that.

Burnt Timber Brewing and Tavern food menu
All the food a brewpub needs and no more.

The food was a treat. The chips were ballpark style chips, only with some really great pulled pork. Pulling them apart was like pulling bark off of a white birch tree. The brisket tacos were tasty. No complaints on the salad. Even the sour cream had some chives and herbs to liven it up.

Burnt Timber Brewing pulled pork nachos with salsa, sour cream, and guacamole.
The pulled pork nachos were a delight.

Do they offer entertainment?

Their social media accounts boast of live music. And, they have games. To note - catchphrase is harder to play with a mouthful of brisket tacos. Just so you know. Oh, and some Cards Against Humanity behind the bar.

Even better? They had a foosball table out back. Games at a brewery reminds me of the old Amherst Brewing Company. Just saying.

Burnt Timber Brewing and Tavern back room.
Every brewpub needs a foosball table.

Can I buy Burnt Timber Brewing beers in Lakes Region stores?

I know that they have done tastings around the state. No clue on whether or not that translates to in-store sales.

Final Thoughts on Burnt Timber Brewing and Tavern

Can’t wait to go back. Like I said, everything you’d want in a brewpub. And, the Wolfeboro summer scene hasn’t even blossomed. Business should really start to pick up downtown over the next month.