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Lone Wolfe Brewing Company

The first microbrewery in the oldest summer resort in America, the Lone Wolfe Brewing Company in Wolfeboro, NH serves excellent craft beers. Join the mug club!

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The Lone Wolfe Brewing Company, Wolfeboro, NH
Downtown Wolfeboro is verrrry New England

The first microbrewery in Wolfeboro, NH. The Lone Wolfe Brewing Company is now on it’s second storefront - this time, a bigger, more tavern-y brewpub that is a couple hundred feet away from the prior location across the street (the Wolfeboro Marketplace). Actually, it was unfair of us to call this space a storefront. Apologies.

When did Lone Wolfe Brewing open?

Four years ago in 2014. Graham and Jen Combes operate this fine establishment, just a few hundred feet from the main drag in Wolfeboro. In fact, you can see the back bay from the windows.

They brew 10 barrels back on their farm (not open for tours), so you know their production is serious. They really have come a long way from a one-man, one-barrel operation. They brewpub is kid friendly, but following trends, there is not a baby changing station in the bathroom.

Lone Wolfe Brewing Company Hours

  • Tues - Thurs 12-9
  • Fri - Sat 11-10
  • Sun 12-5

Breweries near Lone Wolfe Brewing Company in Wolfeboro, NH

Being on the east side of Winnipesaukee makes Wolfeboro just a short distance from Maine, which, as a state, has a great craft beer scene.

What types of beer does Lone Wolfe Brewing brew?

Ales, Belgian-style Tripels, IPAs, Stouts, the Lone Wolfe brewery has a little something for everyone. We took home a four pack of the Dipp’ah. And at a robust 9.2%, it felt more like the Dipp’ah took us home. Having gotten a beer flight, we can say that they are all good choices.

Also, as they don’t brew on site, you won’t catch a glimpse of any kettles or tanks (like Tilton's Kettlehead). It’s got more of a restaurant/bar feel, albeit one with a very heavy "brewery" feel.

The Lone Wolfe Brewing Company bar and dining area (taproom)
Maybe someday we will have mugs ...

Mug club?

Right there on the wall. I’d love to have a mug there. Love us some Wolfeboro. Love us some Lone Wolfe brewing.

Do they serve other types of alcohol?

Yes. They are in possession of an assortment of victuals.

Do they sell merch?

Definitely bought a flight glass to put on display in the lake house cabinet.

Does Lone Wolfe Brewing Company serve food?

Yes. Though not a full service restaurant like Hobbs Tavern in West Ossipee, they serve a decent sized menu’s worth of food. The chicken tacos and the sped zapf salad were pretty good.

What about entertainment?

I remember seeing that Ryan Montbleau played there. That’s definitely more than "guy down the street with a takamine".

They have a pinball machine over to the side of the tavern and an acoustic guitar laying around. Unsure about trivia or anything else.

Can I buy Lone Wolfe beers around the Lakes Region?

Yes. However, you may need to check in with them as to where. Case N' Keg in Meredith and E.M. Heath in Center Harbor sell them for sure.

Interesting notes or nice touches

They set their specials on a giant roll of paper. Kinda fun.

One interesting note, we approached the bartender/server and said, "Hey, that guy ... he’s been in here every time we're here, just sitting at the bar ... is he the world’s biggest "regular"?"

"He’s the owner"

Whoops. One other thing about Lone Wolfe and Burnt Timber is that you could totally run a pub crawl between the two of them. Downtown Wolfeboro even has enough bars to rock a 12 Bars of Christmas.

Hmmm ...