Nanobrewery in Salisbury, NH

Big Water Brewery

24 Robie Road, Salisbury, NH 03268
(603) 648-6068

From small-batch homebrewer to, well, small-bath Nanobrewery, Big Water Brewery is big on flavor, if small on "brewery".

Breweries near Big Water Brewery in Salisbury, NH

Neighboring town Franklin has Vulgar Brewing, and Tilton has Kettlehead Brewing Company. Shackett's Brewing Company and Woodman's Brewery operate in Bristol, while Ashland's White Mountain Brewing is a good place to visit.

Big Water Brewery Beer

Making a mix of all beer types, but a bit heavier on the sour ales, Big Water Brewery is.

  • Aztec Ale
  • Blueberry Cream Ale
  • Citrus Sour Ale
  • Cocoa-Loco Chocolate Sour
  • Petit Sour Ale

Where can I purchase Big Water Brewery beer?

Big Water Brewery can be found at Bert's Better Beers in Hooksett. You may be able to score some at Case N' Keg in Laconia/Meredith, as well as Gary's in Portsmouth.

As for getting some on tap, the Black Mtn Burger Co. in Lincoln has been known to pour some. Also, Big Water will do tasting events at the Craft Beer Cellars in Nashua and the Concord CoOp, as well as attending larger events like the Exeter Powderkeg Beer and Chili Festival.

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