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Martha's Exchange Restaurant and Brewing Company

This brewpub has traveled a great deal more than most throughout the years to get to its current incarnation, as Martha's Exchange started as Martha's Sweet Shoppe in 1936.

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Martha's Exchange Restaurant and Brewing Company in Nashua NH
Indoor/Outdoor fun in Downtown Nashua

It then expanded into serving lunch. It expanded again into a catering business. Once more, it grew 5x into a full-service restaurant and bar, along with a second floor function hall. In the early 90s it grew once again, as the family-operated downtown business blossomed into Nashua's first microbrewery. All throughout, they've kept the Sweet Shoppe alive in the front of house.

Martha's Exchange Restaurant and Brewing Company Beers

The abv of craft brews at Martha's Exchange kept between the 5-8% range. They feature a good mix of beer styles in their offering, ranging across IPAs, Belgians, Bocks and Stouts. Their beer, Share & Exchange, is a collaboration with To Share Brewing Company, a small Manchester taproom.

  • Belgian White
  • Golden Perch IPA
  • Revolution Red
  • Share & Exchange
  • Summah Bock
  • The Hoplar Effect DIPA
Martha's Exchange Craft Beers
An IPA and a collab beer (Share & Exchange) at Martha's Exchange

Martha's Exchange Restaurant and Brewing Company Food

Martha's is a full-service restaurant with an array of options. This includes all the standard hits, appetizers, salads, burgers, paninis & sandwiches, as well as a list of entrees and daily specials.

Hard not to order a plate of fried pickles when visiting Martha's. Then again, we're always sold when it comes to beer battering.

Martha's Exchange Food Menu
The Daily Specials come with Wine Suggestions but no Suggested Beer Pairings?!

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Odd Fellows is just a few short steps down Main Street on the way to the Nashua River. Liquid Therapy is tucked behind Odd Fellows on Court Street. What we're trying to say is that a 3 Stop Self-Guided Brewery Tour would not be the worst way to celebrate a Saturday (or Tuesday afternoon).