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Odd Fellows Brewing Company

Ohhh, Nashua, it's been a long, long time. But, we'd come back for Odd Fellows Brewing, as sure as hops are hops.

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Odd Fellows Brewing Company in Nashua, NH
An excellent taproom!

As sure as hops are hops ... is that a saying? We don't think so.

Anyway, Odd Fellows is high on our list of must visit NH breweries. It's got it all: good beer, good food, good atmosphere.

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Odd Fellows Brewing Company Beer Flight
Need something to wash down the Tacos

Odd Fellows Brewing Company Beer

Four packs to go. And unlike some other microbreweries, Odd Fellows pre-picks your 5oz tasting flight pours by pairing them as they see fit. Sometimes we are into that, sometimes we aren't. Odd Fellows does offer craft beer from other breweries, including Henniker, Long Trail, Wachusett, and the Woodstock Inn Brewery.

Also, Odd Fellows doesn't mess around with beer strength. Sure, half of the beer comes in at 6% or less, but they trot out a few eight and 1/2s, a 9.7%, and a 10.2% ABV belgian. So, make sure you grab some food when you hit the Odd Fellows brewpub.

  • Double Vision
  • Drunk Monk
  • Monadnock Blueberry
  • Spit Brook
  • Tropical Thunder
  • Vision
  • Weisenheimer
Odd Fellows Brewing Company Taproom Food
The Queso Dip & Tacos were a fun afternoon snack

Brewery Food/Menu

They serve brunch! Chicken & Waffles, steak & eggs, huevos rancheros, the breakfast bomb, and, a Southern Breakfast. This is all before we get to the beer pretzels, pork belly tacos, duck rangoons, salads, sliders, sandwiches, burgers, and entrees. So yeah, full blown brewpub at Odd Fellows Brewing.

The jalapeno bacon cheese dip was a delight.