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Taproom in Turners Falls, MA

Brick and Feather Brewery

78 11th Street, Turners Falls, MA 01376
(413) 863-2574

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Bestern Mass, we see what you did there, Brick and Feather. We see.

Another husband and wife team, this one brewing on a 7bbl system. Brick and Feather Brewery is set overlooking a canal within the Connecticut River, just next to the 11th Street bridge.

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Brick and Feather Brewery Beer

Growlers for purchase and fill-up.

  • In Absentia
  • Laughter & Forgetting
  • Letters from Zelda
  • Positively 11th Street
  • Sauron's Nightlight
  • Throw Me the Idol
  • No Use For Smugglers
  • Kitten With A Whip
  • Recreational Intellectual
  • Half-Light Sunbeam
  • Signals Of Celestial Objects
  • Ode To The Afternoon Crew
  • Nature Loves To Hide
  • A Small Group Of Reasonable People
  • Transferable Skillsets
  • Ignore Alien Orders
  • Scotland But Further
  • Wolf Interval