Taproom in Shelburne Falls, MA

Floodwater Brewing Company

40 State Street, Shelburne Falls, MA 01370

Floodwater Brewing Company is right on the Deerfield River in Western Mass. Almost literally, if they were any closer, they'd be soaked. With an unassuming storefront in town, you might never know the taproom existed if you were just driving by.

Out the back of the brewery and from on the deck, is a view of the Bridge of Flowers. In fact, bridge walkers are more likely to notice the brewery than street walkers, not so much for the Floodwater Brewing sign that hangs off the deck, but for the drinkers hoisting pints.

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Floodwater Brewing Company Beer

Floodwater offers 32oz and 64oz growlers for your bulk beer drinking needs. They change up their brews on tap to include NEIPAs, bocks, pale ales, DIPAs, blondes, stouts, wheats, and more.

  • A Cat Named Gary
  • David Hasselbock
  • Metro Paul Bunyan
  • One Fuggley Blonde
  • Parkour Jesus
  • Slingshots and Yoyos
  • The Cure

Brewery Entertainment & Events

A bunch of live music, as well as table games, including Battleship, Cards Against Humanity, and Settlers of Catan. And, karaoke.

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