Bog Iron Brewing Company

Taproom in Norton, MA

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Bog Iron Brewing Company in Norton, MA

Do you want a constant pipeline of new customers every year? Put your craft beer taproom next to a college. Just a baseball's throw to Sidell Stadium, Bog Iron Brewing benefits from a new class of just-turned-21 year olds every year from Wheaton College. Couple that with locals and travelers down Route 140 and you have yourself a viable beer slinging business.

As for the history of Bog Iron, they wanted a name that sounded local and rugged. So, yup.

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Bog Iron aims to capture a wide audience. With an array of beer types, including berliner weiss, helles, saison, IPAs, tripels, porters, and stouts, there is something for you, craft beer lover.

  • Drawing a Blank
  • Jump Back
  • Little Tart & Big Tart
  • Middle Child
  • Off My Lawn
  • Same Same
  • Soul Cellar
  • Stung