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Bog Iron Brewing Company

Same old story of a few friends getting together, having a few laughs, and few beers, and feeling just socially lubricated enough to think that they can make a go of it brewing beer for a living. 7 years later and you can say that things worked out.

33 W Main Street, Norton, MA 02766
(508) 952-0555

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Bog Iron Brewing Company in Norton, MA

Do you want a constant pipeline of new customers every year? Put your craft beer taproom next to a college. Just a baseball's throw to Sidell Stadium, Bog Iron Brewing benefits from a new class of just-turned-21 year olds every year from Wheaton College. Couple that with locals and travelers down Route 140 and you have yourself a viable beer slinging business.

As for the history of Bog Iron, they wanted a name that sounded local and rugged. So, yup.


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The pandemic helped create the Bog Iron beer garden. Space is limited though, so get there early.

Bog Iron Brewing Company Beer

Bog Iron aims to capture a wide audience. With an array of beer types, including berliner weiss, helles, saison, IPAs, tripels, porters, blonde ales and stouts, there is something for you, craft beer lover. You can buy cans to go, so go and do just that if you're in the Norton, MA area.

The brewery runs a 15 bbl brewhouse, and they only sell what they can brew on site in Norton.