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Nanobrewery in Southington, CT

Skygazer Brewing Company

36 Triano Drive, Southington, CT 06489
(203) 500-2786

Skygazer Brewing Company recently passed their first birthday.

With hopes to create a taproom, Skygazer can only offer 3oz pours, but you can take home cans, up to 72 of them (state law).

Skygazer Brewing Company Beer

I need to know more about this Double Milk Stout, the Shadow Killer. Brewed with brown sugar and salted pretzels, and hitting the high 8s for ABV!?

  • First Contact DIPA
  • Lunar Flare
  • Reverse Cosmosis
  • Shadow Killer Double Milk Stout
  • Synastry SIPA

I appreciate when brewers name their beers in accordance with their branding, it keeps it interesting. Take Cape Ann Brewing in Gloucester, MA for example. Their craft beers are (almost) all nautical-themed.

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