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Contract Brewer in Plymouth, MA

Sour Not Sorry Brewing

, Plymouth, MA 02330

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Massachusetts first Sour Brewery. That's kind of cool. Strong work, SNS.

Sour Not Sorry Brewing recently wrapped up a kickstarter that provided some $$ to build the 1bbl brewing set up for owner, Colin Crociati. According to his site, Colin started brewing in college before working for 4 different Massachusetts breweries. Sounds like he's got a good resume. The beers are probably a treat.

Sour Not Sorry Brewing Beers

Sour Not Sorry brews up a range of sour beers (obviously) that fall between 4-8% abv. We have to say that Total Deutscebag! is a hilarious beer name.

  • Hannah Colada
  • Killer Queen
  • Octophant
  • Pucker Patch
  • Total Deutschebag!