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The Best Breweries, Brewpubs & Taprooms in Providence

Providence is known for being a great city for Foodies. Is it a great city for Craft Beer Lovers? We'll find out.

Located in the Southeast corner of New England, diametrically opposed to Burlington, is Rhode Island's largest (by populator) and most craft beer-stocked city, Providence. As previously stated, Providence is a great city for food lovers - hard not to be when you have one of the premier cooking schools in the country in Johnson & Wales downtown.

What's less known is that the city produces some really great beer. A small city that is infinitely walkable, all 7 of these Providence breweries could done in a day, should you wish to conduct your own brew tour of the city.

Basement BrewHaus

117 W Park St, Providence, RI 02908

Beer on Earth

Beer on Earth is a phenomenal name for a craft brewery. So before we discuss them, props to Beer on Earth for going there.

Long Live Beerworks

Following up Beer on Earth is Long Live Beerworks, another brewery with a great name.

Moniker Brewery

Providence Brewing Company

And of course, the brewing company named after the city itself.

The Providence Brewing Company Building is a historical landmark in The Renaissance City.

Trinity Brewhouse

Trinity ran a beer garden in Biltmore Park where they hosted food trucks and other vendors while serving up their tasty brews. Beyond the food and drink, patrons were treated to comedy shows, trivia and live music between May and October.

Union Station Brewery

Interesting to note, Union Station used to be connected to John Harvard's Brewpubs, a small, local chain that consisted of a location in Cambridge's Harvard Square, Metrowest MA (Natick/Framingham), and Western Massachusetts.

Craft Beer Events in Providence

The Guild ran a beer garden in the PVD Innovation District Park that was a hit.