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Hallertau Hops

What are Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops, where do they come from, and how do they make beer taste and smell?

Hallertau hops are a type of hop that have been grown in Bavaria for centuries. They are an extremely popular variety due to their distinctive aroma and flavor profile, which has become known as the "noble" or "traditional" German hop taste.

Hallertau Origin & History

Hallertau hops are one of four noble varieties, meaning they grow in the wild instead of being bred. German hop researchers continue to tinker with the variety and created a number of strains over time, strains such as Hallertau-Tettnang, a hybridized cross that became very popular during those mid-'70s/early '80s times. It has since regained its popularity among brewers because unlike other famous European cultivars like Spalt or Saaz.

The Hallertau region is also one of only three areas in the world where this particular type of hop can be found. The other two - insert data

Hallertau Aroma

Hallertauer Mittelfrueh has become popular among craft brewers for its distinctively earthy flavor profile. That earthiness, combined with an aroma that some say smells like apricots or cherries depending on what brewing style they use them in, has made them a unique choice for American craft brewers who are largely producing IPAs in today's market.

What types of beers are typically brewed with Hallertau Hops?

Hallertau hops are typically used in German & American lagers. Their floral and earthy aroma contain just the tiniest hint of spice, which makes them perfect for use as both flavorings and aromatics.

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