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Green State Lager Review

Crispy artwork. We dig it.

Zero Gravity Green State Lager
Zero Gravity Green State Lager

Vermont Breweries don't usually rep a straight up pilsner. At least not from what we can see. A 16oz tallboy of Green State is available to be enjoyed at your leisure, whether that's the Stanley Cup Playoffs or purchased from the snack cart on the back 9.

Zero Gravity does fine work. Frankie is a fun time. The Conehead IPA is tasty. The Green State Lager keeps the buzz alive without powering down the night.

Reasons to drink Green State Lager

  1. You're in the Green Mountain state itself
  2. You're rocking a college tailgate
  3. You used to drink Big Beverage Beers
  4. You're looking for an ideal shower beer
  5. You're out of Heady Toppers
ABV 4.9
IBU 25
Hops Hallertau Mittelfruh,Saaz
Malts+ German Pilsner,House Lager