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If a summer weekend could be bottled, it would be Frankie.

Frankie, a fruit beer brewed by Zero Gravity Brewing

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Brewery Zero Gravity Brewing Company
Type of Beer Fruit Beer
ABV 5.1%

Defining the taste of Frankie takes some work. Is it a shandy? Is it an ale? Is it a seltzer? Enjoying the taste of Frankie does not, however. It's crisp, fun, and light, without being insubstantial. The cherry/citrus combo is nuanced.

Zero Gravity Brewing Company Beer Description

A bright and spritzy refresher brewed with tart cherry and exotic citrus fruit, this beer is light on the palate and dry on the finish. Bursting with bold citrus notes and the subtle complexity of tart cherry, Frankie would be delighted to accompany you on all your summer adventures.

"Everyone's summer crush"

Hops & Malts used in the Frankie brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Frankie

Frankie would work best as a beer among many beers in your summer cooler. You probably wouldn't sit down and clear a six pack, but 1-2 to kick off an afternoon gathering wouldn't be out of the question.

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