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Mad Elf Review

Mad Elf is a limited edition beer from Troegs Brewing Company. This Belgian-style strong ale is brewed with cherries, honey, and spices. It has a deep ruby color and a sweet, malty flavor. Mad Elf is available in December and January each year.

Tröegs Brewing Company Mad Elf
Tröegs Brewing Company Mad Elf

Troegs Independent Brewing releases the Mad Elf annually at the holidays to ravage the hearts (and livers) of craft beer lovers across the United States. You should serve this beer in a chalice, according to the brewers.


  • Bing
  • Lambert
  • Montmorency
  • Royal Ann
  • Van
ABV 11
IBU 15
Hops Hallertau,Saaz
Malts+ Spicy Belgian