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Kit NA Brewing Company

On Your Mark, get set, order your first NA American Blonde from Kit NA Brewing in Portland.

, Portland, ME 04103

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Kit NA-Brewing in Portland, ME
On Your Mark | Photo Credit to Kit NA Brewing

According to the brewer, Kit NA Brewing is, "Maine’s first locally crafted, non-alcoholic brewery. No alc removal, no arrested ferm. Real ingredients and good brewing processes." We look forward to more of their excellent NA beers.

Kit was founded by Will Fisher, who co-owns Austin Street Brewing in Portland, and Rob Barrett, of Barrett Made Construction.

Kit NA Brewing Company Beers

Their flagship beer is an American Blonde brewed in the traditional method with just malt, water, yeast, and hops - no extra chemicals, and no alcohol-removal process. They will be available in retail stores across New England in January 2022, and locally (Portland) sometime in December.