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Brewery: Definitive Brewing Company

Vanilla Superdome

A fantastic Milkshake DIPA that is not only quite tasty, but deceptively boozy as well.

Type of Beer: Double IPA

ABV: 9%

Vanilla Superdome, a Milkshake Double IPA brewed by Definitive Brewing Company

Definitive Brewing dials up 16oz of vanilla flavor with this double IPA, so much so that it's like an ice cream truck in a can. Foamy head, strong vanilla aromas, and a hint of peach mix with this melted orange creamsicle of a beer. A slight bit of citrus & pine sneak their way into the aftertaste. Pours a light light orange with some decent lacing. Creamy, softly carbonated.

This Portland, ME brewery brews many varieties of the Vanilla Dome, including a blackberry/raspberry, strawberry, peach, and mango.

Definitive Brewing Company Beer Description

This edition of our Milkshake Double IPA was brewed with vanilla sugar, an extra dose of real vanilla beans, and lactose, producing a dreamy dessert-like experience for your palate. Vanilla Superdome tastes and smells like orange julius, gently melting vanilla bean ice cream, and a shortbread cookie bakery at dawn.

A 16oz can of Vanilla Superdome poured into a pint glass
Copper-y golden goodness

Hops & Malts used in the Vanilla Superdome brewing recipe

lactose, vanilla sugar, & extra vanilla beans

Final thoughts on Vanilla Superdome

Vanilla Superdome is worthy of repurchase.

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