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Vanilla Superdome

A fantastic Milkshake DIPA that is not only quite tasty, but deceptively boozy as well.

Vanilla Superdome, a Milkshake Double IPA brewed by Definitive Brewing Company

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Vanilla Superdome
Brewery Definitive Brewing Company
Type of Beer Double IPA
ABV 9%

Definitive Brewing dials up 16oz of vanilla flavor with this double IPA, so much so that it's like an ice cream truck in a can. Foamy head, strong vanilla aromas, and a hint of peach mix with this melted orange creamsicle of a beer. A slight bit of citrus & pine sneak their way into the aftertaste. Pours a light light orange with some decent lacing. Creamy, softly carbonated.

This Portland, ME brewery brews many varieties of the Vanilla Dome, including a blackberry/raspberry, strawberry, peach, and mango.

Definitive Brewing Company Beer Description

This edition of our Milkshake Double IPA was brewed with vanilla sugar, an extra dose of real vanilla beans, and lactose, producing a dreamy dessert-like experience for your palate. Vanilla Superdome tastes and smells like orange julius, gently melting vanilla bean ice cream, and a shortbread cookie bakery at dawn.

A 16oz can of Vanilla Superdome poured into a pint glass
Copper-y golden goodness

Hops & Malts used in the Vanilla Superdome brewing recipe

lactose, vanilla sugar, & extra vanilla beans

Final thoughts on Vanilla Superdome

Vanilla Superdome is worthy of repurchase.