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Maya Mae

Wash Ashore's Maya Mae IPA is the type of beer you could see yourself drinking with a plate of buffalo wings, especially hot hot wings, as you want some of the bitterness to distract from the heat.

Maya Mae, an IPA brewed by Wash Ashore Beer Company
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Maya Mae
Brewery Wash Ashore Beer Company
Type of Beer IPA
ABV 6.5%
IBU 65

Also, a portion of the proceeds from this puppers beer are donated to local animal shelters. Strong work by Wash Ashore to have some social responsibility mixed in. Plus, Maya Mae is available in Half Kegs, Logs, & 16oz. and 4-Pack Cans, which is pretty slick.

According to Wash Ashore Beer Company, this craft beer is, "Named after Wash Ashore co-founder Joe Monteiro’s beloved Neopolitan mastiff."

Wash Ashore Beer Company Beer Description (on can & website)

On the front palate you get a fresh lifted taste of cantaloupe and honeydew. The fruit gives way to a rich amount of hops on the mid palate. As always, the balance of the beer is where it’s at and makes this IPA special. Its finish is full of stone fruits and melon with enough bitterness for all those IPA fans!

Hops & Malts used in the Maya Mae brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Maya Mae

Overall, a decent beer. More hop and malt than fruit, at least what we are seeing. Come to think of it, Maya Mae is a pretty good dog name for a beer.