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What is a Black Out Rage Gallon aka B.O.R.G.

A Black Out Rage Gallon is a portable, inexpensive, Vodka-based cocktail that college students and Gen-Z kids are mixing in a gallon Milk jug to get drunk. Pardon the pun, but it is all the rage right now.

A girl holding a B.O.R.G. at a Twitter Party
Twitter Party Girl holding Rage Gallon | Photo Credit to

All a BORG really is is a new take on Jungle Juice, a bucket based grain alcohol drink that was mixed with water and Kool-Aid, Gatorade, Crystal Light or some other form of flavoring.

Coleman Johnson, a student at Butler, shared this about the Borg, according to The Butler Collegian.

“Obviously, pre-COVID times, it was a great, great way to bring people together. You know, a couple of people sharing a borg. But, it’s continued to be a staple in my favorite cocktail selection, just because it tastes so amazing. And you can’t taste the alcohol in it.”

This type of makeshift cocktail exhibits no real difference from its predecessors, it simply has a better name. Why? Because you know exactly what you're going after when you hear, "Black Out Rage Gallon". That's a far more potent name than, "Jug o' Get You Buzzed"

Ingredients in a Black Out Rage Gallon, including Water, Flavor Enhancer and Vodka
B.O.R.G. Ingredients

How to Make a Black Out Rage Gallon

A half-filled gallon jug of water ready to become a B.O.R.G.
Step One: Add the Water

Step One: Fill an Empty Gallon Jug With Water

You're going to want to fill an empty gallon jug up to the halfway point with water. Tap, distilled, spring, whatever works best for you.

A filled gallon of Vodka and Water, on the way to becoming a B.O.R.G.
Step Two: Add the Vodka

Step Two: Add the Vodka

Step two involves adding the amount of Vodka you want to the mix. We say adding the Vodka you want because it should be an amount you are comfortable with. The real way to make a B.O.R.G. is filling the rest of the gallon jug with the Vodka, but that's for truly blacking out.

A completed Black Out Rage Gallon that has water, Vodka and a flavor enhancer
Step Three: Add the Flavor

Step Three: Add a Flavor Enhancer or Sweetener

This can come in many forms, including MiO or Crystal Light. It can also be Kool-Aid, if you want to take it there as we have.

What a personal amount of alcohol is is up to you to decide. Some BORG drinkers say 3-6 shots worth. Some say more. We can't tell you how much is right for you. Also, a flavored alcohol like Raspberry Vodka can help sweeten the taste a bit.


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Black Out Rage Gallon FAQs

A Black Out Rage Gallon named Bjorn Borg
Bjorn Borg

What to Write on Your Gallon Jug

Half the fun is coming up with a play on words with regard to B.O.R.G. Here are a few ideas for you to keep with the theme, sort of like a White Lies Party.

Notice that the girl in the video below went with B.O.R.G. Mas? She's going hog wild with The Captain, Tito's, Raspberry Svedka, and Malibu. Her recipe called for 2 parts water, 1 part flavoring (lemonade), and 1 part alcohol.

She even uses the term, "BORGing", as in, "BORGing this weekend". Tomorrow is going to come very soon for her.

List of B.O.R.G. Jug Names

  • Black Out Rage-Against-The-Machine Gallon
  • B.O.R.G.A.N.I.C. Vegetables
  • B.O.R.G.A.S.M.
  • B.O.R.G.A.N.I.Z.E.D. Crime
  • BORGIs & Corgis
  • From the B.O.R.G. to the Morgue
  • Killing My Internal B.O.R.G.A.N.S. with Booze
  • Interoffice B.O.R.G. Chart
  • On My Way to the B.O.R.G.Y.
  • Patrice B.O.R.G.eron

Our B.O.R.G. is named after Swedish Tennis champion, Bjorn Borg. We thought it appropriate, given how much the water and the Vodka volleys inside of the gallon jug.

Using a black sharpie to name the empty gallon jug for a Black Out Rage Gallon
Bjorn B.O.R.G.

What is a B.O.R.G. good for and Why?

They are good for carrying around a college campus, especially for a football tailgate. The reason why is because it is portable and can accompany you throughout the entire day. No need to drag around a couple of 30 packs of cheap beer when this mobile punchbowl will do the trick.

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Is the Jug Cocktail Named After Star Trek?

No, a B.O.R.G. is not named after The Borg, an alien race that first appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation. For starters, The Borg is a fictional race in a science fiction show. Second, The Borg travel around in their cube, where as the B.O.R.G. Cocktail travels around in an empty gallon milk jug.

Does Everyone Approve of the Black Out Rage Gallon?

This TikTok user refutes the potency of the B.O.R.G. Cocktail. She highlights the breakdown of the ingredient ratio in the video below. Check it out.

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Can I make a B.O.R.G. in a different container?

Yes, you can make a B.O.R.G. in something other than a milk jug. However, the container must be capable of holding a gallon's worth of liquid in order to be considered proper.

What is Black Out Water?

Black Out Water is just another name for the style of cocktail that is the Black Out Rage Gallon. You can find out how you make one with real fruit in the video below.

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How many Shots are in a B.O.R.G.?

There are approximately 85 standard shots in one gallon. If you're following the 1/4 container of alcohol recipe, than that is 21 shots of liquor in total.

Drinking that could kill you, as that's more than enough shots to get you drunk. Be very, very careful when it comes to making Rage Gallons.

What's Next

First, be safe. The words "Black Out" are in the name for a reason. Always drink responsibly, even when you're carrying around a milk jug across campus.

UMass recently had to send out 28 ambulances to deal with BORG-related incidents during the Blarney Blowout. "Students were observed Saturday carrying jugs with a mixture of alcohol, electrolytes, flavoring and water, dubbed “blackout rage gallons,” or “BORGs," in a binge-drinking trend gaining traction on TikTok, officials said."


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