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Blue Gatorade Shot Recipe

A Thirst Aid for That Deep Down Boozy Body Thirst

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A Blue Gatorade Shot
Blue Gatorade Shot

Equipment You Need

The ingredients to make a Blue Gatorade Shot, including Vodka, Blue Curacao and Sweet & Sour Mix
Blue Gatorade Shot Ingredients

Blue Gatorade Shot Ingredients

Substitute Ingredients

How to Make a Blue Gatorade Shot

Making a Blue Gatorade shot can go one of two ways. The first includes the directions below. That involves using a cocktail shaker with some ice to chill the mix. The second is to just pour the shot freehand into the shot glass.

Half a shot of Vodka in a shot glass
Shot glass half filled with Vodka

Step 1

Fill your Cocktail Shaker with ice. Or, start by pouring half a shot of vodka into a shot glass. If you take the second approach, eliminate the half a shot of vodka in Step 2 and proceed to the Blue Curacao.

3/4 of a shot of Vodka and Blue Curacao in a shot glass
3/4oz Blue Curacao and 3/4oz Vodka

Step 2

Pour 3/4 ounce of each, Vodka and Blue Curacao, and then the splash Grenadine or Cranberry into the Cocktail Shaker. Shake with vigor.

A splash of Cranberry added to the top and poured into a shot glass
Blue Gatorade shot poured with ingredients

Step 3

Strain into the shot glass and serve.

Alternative Drinks/Names for a Blue Gatorade Shot

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