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What is Budweiser Supreme?

A triple-filtered beer from Anheuser-Busch InBev that is sure to give Bud lovers another mass market option to choose from. Yeah.

An advertisement featuring a bottle of Budweiser Supreme.
Everyone loves Bud Supreme. We think?

A Budweiser beer with a honey malt backbone sounds intriguing. Maybe. Anyway, Budweiser Supreme is being released in a few key, strategic states around the nation to generate some buzz.

Will it be truly supreme? We don't know, but we imagine plenty of folks will give it a shot at their summer BBQs and grill sessions. The brown bottles and gold and black cans are a bit of a departure from Bud's brand standard of red. Gotta believe that AB-InBev believes the color choice helps to connotate an air of quality in the crisp lager.

Budweiser Supreme Nutrition Facts
Budweiser Supreme Per 12oz
ABV 4.6%
Calories 143
Sugar ?
Carbs ?

Bud Supreme FAQs

Where do you buy Bud Supreme?

You can purchase Budweiser Supreme in the states of Ohio, New York, Washington, D.C., California and Texas.