Microbrewery in Gulfport, MS

Chandeleur Island Brewing Company

2711 14th Street, Gulfport, MS 39501
(228) 701-9985
Chandeleur Island Brewing Company in Gulfport, MS

One of the most curious things in the world is Chandeleur's Tuesday Teacher Night. We know zero teachers who are interested in kicking back a few cold ones on Tuesday. Ok, rewind. We know zero teachers who follow through with their interest of imbibing a half dozen craft beers on ol' Tuesday. It must work for Chandeleur though. Brewery tours on Friday and Saturday - will have to catch one next time we are in town.

To note, sour beers are a focal point of the Chandeleur Island Brewing process.

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Chandeleur Island Brewing Company Beer

  • Freemason
  • Guava Jelly
  • H90 Surfside
  • King Cake ale
  • Total Clarity

Every year, Chandeleur brews the King Cake ale. To do so, they take king cakes from Le Bakery and mix it with their freemason ale. Sounds delicious.

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