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Crafty Beer Glass

Picked up a Craft Beer Glass from Homebrew Academy. Let's pour a cold beer and go to it. Our review of the Crafty Beer Glass begins.

Crafty Beer Glass from Homebrew Academy, made for drinking pints
Crafty Beer Glass being unboxed

The Craft Beer Glass is a nucleated glass that's high on our list of options to reach for in the kitchen cupboard when enjoying a cold brew.

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What we like about it

  • The etched nucleation. We never really thought much about nucleated glasses until this one came along. What a nucleation does is help enhance the flavors and aromas of the beer, while also releasing CO2 into the beer at a more rapid rate.
  • How it feels in the hand. The Crafty Beer Glass just feels like it belongs in your hand. For many beers in a row.
  • The Artwork. Love how Homebrew Academy illustrated the beer making process on the side of the glass. Further, we dig the temperature-induced color change. It's like it's 1991 all over again.
  • The Other Stuff. It's sturdy. It's dishwasher safe. And it's ready for our next pour.
A pint of Wit's End Athletic Brewing beer poured into a Crafy Beer Glass
Craft Beer Glass + Wit's End (Athletic Brewing Company)

What don't we like

  • Made of Glass. Ok ok, that's a bit unfair of us to say. I think what we're getting at here is that we often want to drink out of it, and that includes on our brick patio. We imagine at some point we're going to have to replace it when it shatters from one too many Imperial Stouts.

Where can you buy one?

You can purchase a Crafty Beer Glass on Soon you'll be able to purchase one on

What is Homebrew Academy?

According to Homebrew Academy, they, "exist(s) to mentor any passionate beer drinker in the art and science of brewing. And we don’t settle for second-rate ales & lagers."