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On The Wings Of Armageddon Review

According to DC Brau, OTWOA was brewed to fulfill the Mayan prophecy of December 21, 2012, that being a, "... transition from one world age to another."

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DC Brau On The Wings Of Armageddon
DC Brau On The Wings Of Armageddon

Craft beer, or, song title from your favorite prog rock band? We're going with either. DC Brau claims an OTWOA has an intense hop character. We are inclined to believe them.

It's an Imperial IPA. The citrus, the resin, it's all there. It could double for a Holiday/Seasonal/Year-End brew with it's level of sweetness, which is probably attributed to the Cara-60. In fact, if Winter Caroling was still a thing, you could replace the Egg Nog with a few of these.

Drinkable. Enjoyable. Not overly saturated. A decent, if fairly strong, beer for a Friday or Saturday evening. Now go visit some other Washington, DC Breweries.

ABV 9.2
Hops Falconer’s Flight
Malts+ Cara-60,Carapils,Malted Wheat,Pale Malt