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East Rock Lager

You can actually taste the Central Europe in this medium body Munich Helles from East Rock.

A East Rock Lager brewed by East Rock Brewing Company
Lighthouse of Solemnity!

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East Rock Lager
Brewery East Rock Brewing Company
Type of Beer Helles
ABV 5.2%

Who knew Connecticut had a handle on Bavarian brewing standards? New Haven's East Rock Brewing delivers us a golden straw pour of a German-style lager. The muted hop profile speaks for itself.

East Rock Brewing Company Beer Description (on can)

A friendly and satisfying German-style Helles to pair with all of life's occasions.

Helles is German for "Bright" and is the daily drinking beer in Bavaria.

Hops & Malts used in the East Rock Lager brewing recipe

Final thoughts on East Rock Lager