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The Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Keg

Holding 5.25 liters of Cinnamon-Flavored Whisky, this mobile party keg is sure to get your friends lit up like the Gates of Hell itself.

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A mini keg of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky
Fireball Firekeg

All About the Fireball FireKeg

For the house or tailgating party that truly needs it all, we present to you, the mini keg of Fireball Whisky. Pencil it into your wishlist right now.

Get this, the makers of Fireball, the Sazerac Company, has decided that you, the consumer, should have the ability to purchase a single barrel (mini-sized) of your favorite single-serving party shooter. Only this time, it’s a Fireball Firekeg that has spouts.

Apparently quaffing a nip before you go into the stadium (or after you’ve made it inside) just wasn’t good enough. No, this new Firekeg of booze-reduced, flavored Canadian whisky will make sure that all who wish to sip from the fountain of eternal youth gets served. Cause once again, spouts.

A metal barrel is clearly the dispenser of flavored whiskey that we never knew we needed. No more filling up our coolers with a ton of ice and sleeve upon sleeve of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey shots. No need to read the customer reviews or checkout online to know this either.

No, we’re scrambling down to the local Total Wine for some in-store pickup before these go out of stock. Qty = all. Maybe they’ll even be a popup sale or some specials to make it cheap.

Tastes like Heaven is dubious

The Cost of a Firekeg and Where to Buy One

The price of the Firekeg tends to vary from store to store. Here are the average prices that we've seen, as evidenced be the retailer's website, sku data, related products and store information.

Why should I buy the Fireball Keg?

For parties of all sizes and shapes. Here are a few good examples.

Sure, you could grab a sleeve of 50ml nips. You could even spring for the Fireball Halloween Trick or Treat Bag or the Fireball 50ml Candy Cane. But the keg is where it's at.

Go big or go home. And if you're going home, go home safely.

Will a Fireball Firekeg get me drunk?

You better believe it. Spirits such as Tequila or Gin are higher in ABV. Brands like Tito’s Vodka and Jack Daniel’s have more booze as well. But a whole single barrel of this stuff is going to do some damage, whether you’re a 21 year old or 41 year old.

How many Shots does the Firekeg hold?

More than 100 shots can be found in this 5.25 liter explosive keg of boozery. They will be faster to serve due to the 3 spouts sticking out of it. Be careful though, shots of liquor have a tendency to sneak up on you.

Let's face it, it's a lot bigger than a handle of liquor.

Wrapping Up

Alcoholic beverages will never be the same with a Liquid Cinnamon Keg of Relaxed Whisky. Relaxed is how we like to classify Fireball.

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