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Awesome Ginger Beer Cocktails & Mixed Drinks to Make or Order

Grab a squeezer and a bag of limes and let’s get to making some ginger beer cocktails.

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A Dark N' Stormy cocktail with a can of Ginger Beer
A crafted Dark N' Stormy

Below is a list of some of our favorites. You can use ginger beer for making mocktails as well.

Dark N’ Stormy

The Dark N’ Stormy is the first drink that comes to our mind when we think about ginger beer. The Moscow Mule is probably more popular, but we prefer rum over vodka. And in the case of the Dark N’ Stormy, Gosling’s Dark Rum. Because a Dark N’ Stormy isn’t a Dark N’ Stormy without it.

Why? Because the Dark N’ Stormy is a trademarked cocktail. Gosling’s, along with 291 Colorado Whiskey, Pussers, Sazerac, and Tropical Isle have fought to get that TM attached to their signature drinks.

As for the drink itself, it’s infinitely refreshing. The drink works best as the opening round cocktail on a Friday afternoon of a wedding weekend. Think about it, you just arrived from a 4 hour drive to the coastal hotel that your old roommate is getting married at, and what do you turn to?

A Dark N’ Stormy.

Ingredients: Ginger Beer, Gosling's Dark Rum, Lime Juice

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Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is the mule drink that everyone knows and enjoys. Aficionados of the mixed drink stock their cupboards with copper mugs, because that’s the traditional vessel to serve a Moscow Mule in. Bartenders learn early how to make them. And college kids don’t discover them until after graduation.

To quote Cookie and Kate, “Moscow mules are delightfully fizzy drinks made with fiery ginger beer, vodka and fresh lime.”

We believe they can be made and enjoyed year-round.

Ingredients: Ginger Beer, Lime Juice, Vodka

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Mexican Mule

Kentucky Mule

Irish Mule

Ginger Rickey

Crushed Sailor

Jack and Ginger

El Diablo