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Gus N' Bru is Letterkenny's Whisky of Choice

A couple of pulls off the Gus N' Bru bottle and you'll be the toughest person in your hometown. Well, assuming no one else is drinking it too.

A bottle of Gus N Bru along with some shot glasses at MoDeans
Gus N Bru Whiskey | Photo Credit to

Really though, Wayne, Dary, Squirrely Dan, Katy and the rest of the town enjoy a good shot or two of Gus N' Bru. You'll often see Wayne quaffing a shot before a scrap (a fight), as he needs to prove that no one is tougher. This tends to happen in the laneway, but it's been known to occur in the parking lot of Modean's as well.

What is Gus N' Bru?

Gus N' Bru is a fictional Canadian Whisky that the main characters of Crave/Hulu's show, Letterkenny drink quite often.

Where can I buy Gus N' Bru?

As of now, you can not buy Gus N' Bru. That's because the whisky does not exist. Hopefully the good folks of Letterkenny work out a deal with a distillery to get the liquor made.

What you can do though is purchase labels on Etsy, put them on your favorite whiskey, and act like you're enjoying some Gus N' Bru while you watch the show.

The Produce Stand crew tends to also drink Puppers Beer while they are enjoying their Gus N' Bru. Unlike Gus N' Bru, Puppers is a real alcoholic beverage that you can purchase. Stack Brewing out of Sudbury, Ontario was the first to brew it. Now it is in the hands of Labatts.

What's also real is that the name Gus is the name of Jared Keeso's dog. Jared plays Wayne, the main character on the show.

If they ever come out with the real thing, we will certainly be waiting in line.

In which episode(s) does Letterkenny feature Gus N' Bru?

The Christmas Party episode is one. Pretty sure it was also featured in Super Soft Birthday.

Has anyone brewed a Gus N' Bru beer?

Yes, Banger Brewing out of Las Vegas, Nevada has a beer named Gus N' Bru. You should check them out if you are interested and see if they ship it.

Alternatives to Gus N' Bru

Well, this all depends on how you look at it. There are the general whiskey alternatives, and then there is the in-show alternative. The real world equivalent is probably something along the lines of a Crown Royal or Seagram's. The in-show alternative is Guy & Bruce, the French-Canadian version of the whisky. Guy & Bruce made an appearance during Buck & Doe