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Funcrusher Review

Brewed out in Orange, MA, a town that is definitely, uhh, somewhere in Massachusetts. Nah, jokes aside, Honest Weight is up on Route 2 just North of the Quabbin reservoir. Presumably there is good water to brew with out there.

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Honest Weight Artisan Beer Funcrusher
Honest Weight Artisan Beer Funcrusher

Strong flavor that peels off a bit at the end, like a star pitcher in the playoffs who just can't seem to ever make it past the 7th inning before being pulled. That's not to say that Funcrusher tosses a bad game - you know, scratch that, let's just say it's like your favorite bubblegum, if you keep it in your mouth too long, you will start to lose the flavor. Yeah, that's better.

Funcrusher crushed no fun. It was enjoyable. Some orange, not too much grapefruit, maybe a dash of apricot. A middling amount of hops.

A 16oz can of Funcrusher poured into a pint glass
Fun was crushed!
ABV 8.5
Hops Amarillo,Citra,Simcoe