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Raspberry Milk Stout

Raspberry Milk Stout, a Stout brewed by Left Hand Brewing Company
Raspberries add a touch of class to anything

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Raspberry Milk Stout
Brewery Left Hand Brewing Company
State Colorado
Type of Beer Stout
ABV 5.5%
IBU 23

Left Hand Brewing Company Beer Description

Meet the sultry sister of America’s Stout—Raspberry Milk Stout. We took pure milk chocolate bliss and kissed it with raspberries, still allowing for roasted coffee notes to shine through. Each luxurious, decadent sip lingers into a voluptuous finale. It’s a liquid raspberry truffle meant to cultivate curves and entice you for more. Dark and delicious has never been more tempting. So light the candles, turn on Al Green and crack a can of Raspberry Milk Stout. You’ve just set the mood.

Hops & Malts used in the Raspberry Milk Stout brewing recipe

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