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Angelica Review

It's juice. You're drinking actual juice.

Lord Hobo Brewing Company Angelica
Lord Hobo Brewing Company Angelica

Angelica is a screwdriver in a 16oz can.

We're not sure if we should applaud them for this fantastical craft beer, or, reward Tropicana for creating a beverage so easily mixed with Vodka - one that would someday be passed off as a craft beer by a brewery in Woburn, MA.

Ok ok, jokes aside, it was a fun beer to drink, if a bit too juicy. Lord Hobo is known for some good beers, Boom Sauce being on the list of such. Angelica is good, it's just way too full throttle. That's great for some folks, and, even good for us, but maybe juuuuuuust a little bit much.

Good beer. Will have again. But, gotta try some others first.

ABV 5.5
Hops Mosaic
Malts+ Flaked Wheat,Oat Malt,Pilsner,White Wheat