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Triple Lindy Review

This beer is perfect a late September day trip to the beach. Even better for explaining to your business professor how business works in the real world - not Fantasyland.

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Mayflower Brewing Company Triple Lindy
Mayflower Brewing Company Triple Lindy

Look at that can. That gorgeous, gorgeous can.

Triple Lindy, the beer, is (presumably) named after a dive in the 1986 Rodney Dangerfield movie, Back to School. It involves a person, in this case, business tycoon Thornton Mellon (Dangerfield), bouncing off several diving boards, flipping side to side, over and over, all before landing in the pool below. It is not only an impossible dive, but THE best impossible dive ever conceived. Truly. The olympics ain't got nothing on the Triple Lindy.

The absurdity of the dive was the result of a conversation between Dangerfield and Back to School writer, Michael Elias, according to movie director Alan Metter. Speaking of absurdity, Mayflower's Triple Lindy is an absurd 10% abv pig pile of alcoholic power. Consume enough of these Triple IPAs and you will feel like you're bouncing off of a springboard toward a deep, deep pool of intoxication.

A 16oz can of Triple Lindy poured into a pint glass
Hints of hilarity and humorous hijinks

Thornton Melon probably inspired Mayflower's high abv with his performance in the bar that night. To paint the picture, Melon invites a few ladies on over to join him and Lou (Paulie from Rocky) to split a pitcher of cold beer. He requests that a pitcher of beer be brought over every 7 minutes until someone passes out. Then, he wants the waitress to bring one every 10. Had to be a macro lager because we all know you can't go all night on Imperial IPAs.

If you do decide to watch Back to School, or, you remember it, some amazing folks show up. Pre-Stark Robert Downey Jr. Billy Zabka, aka Johnny Lawrence, of Karate Kid and now Cobra Kai fame. And, the kid who plays Melon's son is the same kid from The Legend of Billie Jean.

While we're on the 80s kick, remember, "Fair is fair!"

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A Teen Wolf would easily rip a Triple Lindy, so why can't a Yeti? And let's be honest with ourselves, Dangerfield isn't far off from a Yeti.

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Tangerine. Some melon (pun not intended). A bit of booziness, though less than you'd assume at 10%. Great tasting beer. Orange/Amber/Gold in color. Other "triples" we dig are Lawson's Triple Sunshine, based out of Vermont, and Portland, ME's Allagash Tripel. Yes yes, triple/tripel, we get it.

If Mayflower's Triple Lindy is your breakfast beer of choice, the rest of your day may be in danger. Same goes for brunch. That's what high abv beers will do to ya. On the flipside, boozy beers are as American as the 4th of July and Harley-Davidson, so do as you will. Don't come crying to us if you find yourself with super beer muscles and want to chop down an Oak, nay, Double Oak, tree. That gets dangerous, fast.

ABV 10
Hops HS-1228,Sultana,Vic Secret