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Phone Home

You don't even need a Speak & Spell to drink Phone Home.

Phone Home, a Peanut Butter Porter brewed by Night Shift Brewing

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Phone Home
Brewery Night Shift Brewing
Type of Beer Porter
ABV 6.2%

Hats off to you, Night Shift. Getting E.T. wrapped around the concept of a peanut butter porter is just strong, strong work. The Phone Home can artwork is absolutely delightful.

Night Shift Brewing Beer Description (on can)

Inspired by our favorite extraterrestrial's affinity for peanut butter candles, we came up with this cosmically delicious peanut butter porter. Phone Home is packed with aromas and flavors of roasted hazelnut, peanut butter bites, and dark chocolate. Just keep a close eye on your cans - they tend to wander off in the middle of the night.

Hops & Malts used in the Phone Home brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Phone Home