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Derivative, a Single-Hopped Pale Ale brewed by Proclamation Ale Company
Pony. Pony. Pony. Pony. Unicorn. Pony. Pony. Pony.

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Brewery Proclamation Ale Company
State Rhode Island
Type of Beer Single-Hopped Pale Ale
ABV 6%

Proclamation Ale Company Beer Description

This beer is a unique snowflake; a Unicorn on a farm of Shetland ponies; a complete original that we at Proclamation Ale Co. came up with entirely by ourselves, by our own creative volition, without any outside inspiration what-so-ever! Wow! Check this out - we got this awesome idea to take barley, soak it in water, ferment it with yeast, and then throw in a ton of sexy, nouveau hops!! (Note - we named the hops Citra when we invented them.) NOTHING LIKE THIS HAS EVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!!! Enjoy this beer because you will never drink another one like this again!! EVER!!!

Hops & Malts used in the Derivative brewing recipe

Final thoughts on Derivative